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getting qualified for a loan with this mortgage company is a joke.I am applying for a loan not applying to be a CIA operative. Its back and forth with their underwriter every week for a month. will ask you to elaborate why you dont live in "previous address" anymore....effin...duh?? Maybe because I moved and dont live there anymore? Because I stated on my application the address I currently live on? Heres a classic one, I explained to them why...
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Very poor help from various employees who are clueless about what is going on. I just spent another hour with the last company just trying to get a correct mailing address for my bill! If I could only do this over, would never use this company (if I could even figure out who they actually are).Pulte Bank, Pulte Mortgage, PNC Bank,etc. Even Google is confused! My bank also did not want to accept their latest address in my payees, saying it...
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I didn't like
  • Name and address changes
One day before closing they email with a list of paperwork they still need.I am on the east coast and the time was 6 pm and we are already in the city of the closing. They have received more financial reports then the need and want more. They want rents on a building we sold years ago and if they bothered to look at our tax return they would have known that. Our closing has been postponed due to their ignorance. They should have their license...
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I didn't like
  • Total experience with incompetent employees